Mahindra MPV-i │ Mahindra Armored Vehicle

Mahindra Defence Mine Protected Personnel Carrier (MPV-i) : Armored Personnel Carrier (APC)

Mahindra MPV-i (Armored Personnel Carrier)

India shares borders with more than five countries, in which one is an exporter of terror. India arm forces and local police need a vehicle to transport troops & personnel at the focal point. Nearly one year before forty army personnel loss their life in a decorated IED blast, it takes down the morale of the army and local policemen.
Indian states like M.P, Chattisghar, Jharkhand are facing Naxals, Maoist (local terrorists). In each year nearly 100 local policemen killed in an IED blast during, major IED are planted near roadside so that they can hit an ongoing convoy in that way.
There are many armed vehicles that can uphold IED blast but MPV-i offered by Mahindra defence is different from others.

Brigadier (Ret.)Khutab Hai ones said ''The equipping of police forces in Naxal affected states with 300 MPV will reduce by some 90%''.

Let's unfold the beast: Mahindra MPV-i

Mahindra Mine-Protected Personnel Carrier (MPV-i) is built with the Technology and product design of BAE systems. MPV-i is based on BAE RG-31, which is well known in the US, Canada, for saving troops' life in the Afghanistan war. BAE system sold more than six hundred RG-31 worlds wide to different armed forces. 

Design & Development of Mahindra MPV-i

BAE-Mahindra system jointly developed & designed this Mine resistant Ambush protected personnel carrier starting back in 2010.
Built on Ural chassis(Russia) it incorporated a 'V' shaped monocoque hull chassis which direct the shock wave away from the vehicle and its occupants. Armored body of MPV-i comes from Sweden,

BAE Land systems tested vehicle against 14 kg of TNT explosive under the hull and 21 kg of TNT explosive at the rear wheel. The result of the test was satisfactory and the vehicle withstand an explosion without any serious damage.

A monster with Power: 14ton Mahindra MPV-i

MPV-i gets its power from diesel power 6 cylinder CRDI engine supplied from ' Ural' Russia which is capable of delivering 260 bhp@2100rpm mechanical power and 960Nm@1250rpm of torque. This 14020 Kilogram monster will go up to a maximum speed of 90kmph.

Mahindra MPV-i Monsters look

Mobility: Mahindra MPV-i Gearbox, Suspension, Tyre's 

MPV-i equipped with 5 speed Manual gearbox and rear axle differential lock system which ensure the transfer of power to all-wheel.The full time 6x6 drive further enhances its abilities at home and in rough terrains.
Adding to this extra-large wheel of size 425X85 R21 based on run-flat technology as well as features with Central Tyre Inflation & deflation system (CTIS) control by operator or driver. These large wheels help MPV-i to overpass small & medium bumps on roads.
To give comfort to its occupants and balance vehicle dynamically, MPV-i comes with front leaf spring with double shock absorbers and a regular leaf spring at the rear end.

Mahindra MPV-i Suspension Test

Protection: Armor & Protection Covers of Mahindra MPV-i

Mahindra Mine resistance Ambush protection vehicle comes with a side and top protection of CEN level B6, and blast protection comparable to STANAG Level 4A.

Mahindra MPV-i Shielded all across its body

IED or Land Mine Protection 

MPV-i sides protected against IED of 10kgs TNT explosive from a distance of 5mtr and ground height of 1.5mtr.
MPV-i underbelly protected against mine blast of 14kgs of TNT explosive and 21kgs TNT explosive near the rear end.

Ballistic Protection or protection from Incoming Bullets

Mean protection from an incoming bullet from a gun, it can withstand the direct impact of 7.62x51mm, 5.56x45mm, and 7.62x39mm ammunition from a distance of 10 meters.

Carrying Capacity: OF MPV-i

As name MPV-i can accumulate a total of 18 personnel, with their arms and ammunition. In India normal temperature during summer is about 40℃, to give comfort ride it has separate AC blowers on each seat inside the cabin. Which is more than sufficient to maintain a normal temperature.

Mahindra MPV-i Seating Arrangement 

Users of : Mahindra MPV-i

If I say based on its features states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and J & K are be the biggest potential buyer. Because these states are facing internal and external security challenges.


Two things on which Armed forces can rely on, first BAE system expertise & second Mahindra experience of developing and delivering vehicles like this. BAE system is known for its RG-31, missile technology which can offer its latest tech to Indian armed forces. MPV-i offered by Mahindra (MEAR) has an advantage over its competitors, like sustain 21Kg IED blast which its competitors do not have. Mahindra can get the offer to supply more than 200 MPV-i to India Armed forces and Internal security forces. 

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