India vs China Firepower: India vs China

After the incident happened in Galwan Valley everyone is talking about China & India. ''Galwan Valley'' is located in Leh & Ladakh region in India side of the border, where 20 soldiers were killed during fight broke out, all these happen when India soldiers on their regular patrolling of near FINGER POINT 4-5.
Here is an honest comparison between Indian & Chinese forces

Air Force (Vayu-Sena): India Vs China

Geographically India is small compare to China, that is why India needs less Air Force. But based on the current situation Indian Air Force asking the government to allocate more funds so that they can have at least 42 squadrons of fighter aircraft. After getting challenged by China & Pakistan, India Air force upgrading its fleets with new technology aircraft like Rafale, Tejas.

Naval Forces (Jal Sena): India Vs China

India has a coastline of 7000 km, to guard and protect it need man & machine. India does have fewer Submarines, Aircraft carriers but geographically important strategic places like Andaman-Nicobar island play an important role in guarding India coastline in Hind Mahasagar.

Navy has advanced reconnaissance & surveillance aircraft to hunt & kill submarines in Hind Maha-sagar (Indian Ocean).

Land Forces (Thal Sena) : India Vs China

India Army well knows for their bravery, professionalism, discipline, all over the world. 

The Indian army was the largest allied force fought in World War II. Today it is known for keeping & serving with the highest number of personnel at UN peacekeeping missions in Sudan, Africa, Middle East.

Man & Financial Power: India Vs China 

Indian population is one of the youngest in the world in which 40% of personnel are between 25-45 age, so no need to talk about manpower. Next is financial with a clear vision & mission for the next ten year India economy doing well and expected to grow fastest in the world. Foreign investors showing great interest in the Indian economy which results in the highest level of foreign reserve $500 billion.

Connectivity: India Vs China

Today's dynamic world, connectivity, and Information is the two most important aspects of being a powerful country. India is developing Rail, Road, Waterway at a very fast pace which we never saw before. This will not only help in development also help in the fast supply of essential goods to borders areas. Connectivity with border areas will determine the war result.

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