India Main Battle Tank T-90 Bhishma

T-90 Bhishma tank is Russian origin, third-generation Indian made the lightest main battle tank which can perform a variety of missions in desert, hills areas. India operating about 500, most of them are deployed in Rajasthan, Gujarat near India & Pakistan border.

T-90MS Bhishma MBT

Why does T-90 called Main Battle Tank?

T-90 Bhishma is the backbone of India Armored Force and most advances in armoring, protection, mobility compared to T-72 available.T-90 get its name from Mahabharata character called Bhishma, who had known for his power. T-90 tank well knows for its firepower, lightweight, mobility among the world armies.

Tanks are the one which most preferred choice of land forces because it not only protect troop inside it also capable of destroying enemy forward post.

Overview of  T-90 Bhishma

T-90MS or Bhishma MBT 


48 Tonn


9.63 meters


3.78 meters (12 foot 5 inch)


2.22 meters (7 foot 3 inch)




Steel-composite-reactive blend APFSDS

Kontakt-5, Mine protection

Nuclear, Biological, chemical

Radar jammers

Ambush protection


125mm smooth bore main Gun

12.7 Heavy Machine Gun


Power & Mobility



V-92S2F,12-cylinder turbocharged diesel


1000Hp( 735KW)

Power to weight


20.4 Hp/tonne


Torsion Bar

Maximum Speed

60km/h on normal road, 45km/h rough terrain


550 km or 340mile without external fuel tank

Cost & Manufactures



Rs.31 Crore each.

Indian Producer

Heavy Vehicle Factory


Main Battle Tank (MBT)





Fire Power: T-90 Bhishma

Bhishma equips with 125mm 2A46 smoothbore main gun capable of firing Armour Piercing Fin Stabilize Discarding Sabot (APFSDS), High Explosive Anti-Tank, High Explosive Fragment ammunition range up to 6Km. 

T-90 Bhishma upgraded version comes with an Active Fire Control system and a Gunned Thermal sight, which further enhance firepower and rate of firing. The Gunner is equipped with the 1G46 sighting system which includes laser range detector, missile guidance, and allow the crew to detect large size tanks and engage it from a distance of 8 km. 

Unlike other tanks T-90 Bhishma equip with an automatic ammunition loading machine which reduces loading time and increases the firing rate.

Mobility: Reach & Escape Fast

Mobility of T-90 Bhishma comes from its 1000 hp (735 KW) V-92 upgraded engine and an automatic gearbox. This 48-ton beast attains a maximum speed of 60 km/h on-road and 45 km/h on rough terrain. V-92 is a 12-cylinder, multi- fuel, four-stroke, turbocharged diesel engine. This fast mobility has improved firing & escape capability of the tank, which guard it against ATGMs (Anti Tank Guided Missile system).

Protection or Guarding system of T-90 Bhishma

 Protection of T-90 Bhishma has a different layer of protection.

The first layer of protection coming from the composite & steel Armour plate top on the turret and near the hull, which protects it from bullet and grenades. 

The second layer of protection Kontakt-5 explosive reactive Armour which reduces the kinetic energy of piercing ammunition coming from the enemy side near the top of turret and sides.

This layer of protection combined with the Shotra-1 countermeasure suite, dazzlers an active infrared jammer on the front side of turret which jammers incoming laser signals or deflect missiles to a different location by producing its flares.T-90 Bhishma features with Smoke Grenade Discharge System which makes tank fade-way from laser-finder and designator.

In addition to all these features, T-90 Bhishma also fitted with EMT-7 electromagnetic counter mine system, automatic fire suppression system. To reduce its radar signature, a T-90 tank fitted with Nakidka signature reducing suit.To survive in nuclear, chemical, biological warfare, T-90 Bhishma features with NBC protection equipment.

India with T-90 Bhishma

India is a close friend and the largest defense partner of Russia for a very long period. Indian Armed, Air, Naval force are using different equipment made by Russia to guard its territory. Before T-90 tank India used to procure and manufacture T-72 tanks, so Indian forces are well known to all these machines. That is why the Indian government chose T-90 tanks to meets its future demands. Today India operating around 500 T-90 Bhishma Tanks operating in different parts like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Ladhak.

Made in India: T-90 Tanks

The first batch of T-90 tanks built into the Indian Heavy Vehicle factor at Avadi, Tamil Nadu. India planning to increase its tank regiments to 21 equipped with T-90 by 2020.

In November 2019 India announced that Heavy Vehicle Factory will manufacture 464 T-90 MBTs.

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