Honda Activa 6G,Price,Mileage,Technical Details: India's Best Selling Scooty 2020

Honda Activa 6G BS-6, Performance, Mileage, Price: This is all you need to know


Honda Activa 6G best in its class, what are we looking in any two-wheeler first and for-most important is mileage, economy, performance, not last but least it's color & looks.
So if you are looking for India's best scooter here it is this none but Honda Activa 6G, balance in everything it will fit into your pocket.

HONDA ACTIVA 6G Specification & Features 

So let's start Honda Activa 6G comes with a single-cylinder 109cc engine, delivering 7.6bhp power and 8.79Nm of torque. To limit emission from the engine, Honda has eliminates the Carburetor system by Fuel injection. Honda added a new feature like esp Technology, Telescopic suspension, larger front wheel, dual fuel cap for the tank, Eco, or digital speedometer. A feature like these makes Honda 6G agile over its competitors.

Honda Activa 6G BS6 first look(Photo

Honda Activa 6G BS6  Engine

Honda presented a power full engine with more mileage, high performance with BS6 compliance.
Honda knows for its innovation and quality standard, so to lower engine noise and removing extra metal moving parts. Honda introduces ESP (Enhance Smart Power) technology which lowers noise and improves mileage up to 10%. With 5.73kW power and 8.79 Nm torque, it provides a smooth ride on any road. 

Honda Activa 6G Engine(Photo Credit

Honda Activa 6G -Gear Box Unit:

In most of the bikes, equipped with constant mesh gearbox. When we need to increase the speed of the bike, we need to push paddle up and down, attached with a gearbox.
But in Honda Activa no need to change gear, because it is equipped with Automatic Belt drive gearbox.

Here you do not need to change gear (like 1st,2nd,3rd, or 4th ...). 

Expert View

Suspension System 

Honda Activa 6G has telescopic forks upfront. This accommodates 12-inch wheel at the front, rear-wheel is old school 3-step adjustable suspension. This two combination has increase height marginally.
suspension system or in generally speaking 'shocker'. For smooth, comfort, and stability of bike suspension is very important. A combination of front and rear suspension help Activa to pass over small road potholes at any speed.

Front Telescopic Suspension 

Rear 3-step Coil spring suspension 

Style & Look

Likewise, Honda Activa 6G comes with an external dual cap fuel tank that makes fuel filling easy & convenient. Adding to its dashboard, ECO digital speedometer which looks cool at night.
Seeing. Honda 6G from the front you found led lamp has the same look as its predecessor.

Honda 6G Fuel tank Cap

To uplifting the convenience factor, Honda introduces a dual-function switch at the front which opens up seal & external fuel cap. Many times, we find it difficult to operate as it would respond only after dabbling two-three times, especially for opening the seat lap.

Dual-Function Switch

Hop on Honda Activa 6g first thing you notice, if you have driven 5G or other variants that the increased ground clearance has resulted in a slightly higher footboard.
This arrangement results in Knee obstructing the handlebar movement during taking U-turns.

Let's Ride the Honda Activa 6G

Pushing starter button, you even hardly notice any cranking noise but Honda Activa comes to life with no drama (cranking noise is much low), thank its new the new ACG silent starter technology.

Honda always knows for its engine refinement with continuous upgrades to engine technology.
Riding up to 60Kmph engine run smooth like butter, post which is very small vibration creep in on the footboard, but they do not come to your notice. But taking India road traffic, it is still enough for easy overtaking. 

Cornering & Handling

Most of the time we complained about handling, but Activa 6G feels considerably agile during flicking through traffic and crossing or switching lanes. Handling will result in fast cornering also inspires confidence to go at a higher level. Overall handling and cornering quite good and not a single time you feel lose control.

Price Tag

After the mileage second most important parameter is the price tag of a bike or scooter. With ACG silent starter, Enhance Smart Power and telescopic forks Honda 6G starting price tag is Rs 63912 (ex-showroom). It is around Rs 8000 higher with compare to 5g.
But an increase in price gave us better engine refinement, smooth drive better riding, and comfort.


If you love to drive scooter or scooter Honda Activa 6G is a better option.
Honda Activa 6G has every things power, mileage, comfort, safety, and noise control.

The things we left behind is maintenance and serviceability, Honda has many thousand service center across India this will help people in case of any damage. As we have come to the age of digital, Honda also providing training to its customer in case they located in remote villages.

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