Does India need to fear from China?

China and India have unsteady relations over the past decade but you never believe business is growing at a pretty fast pace. In the Fiscal year 2019-2020 it goes up to 87 billion, but much of benefits in favor of China and huge trade deficit for India. After the 'Galwan Valley' incident, in which more than 20 Indian soldiers have killed, the relation has gone all-time low and India wants to be self-reliant in the industry like Electronic, Steel, and wood.
So now almost every Indian has this question whether India needs to fear from China?
Frankly speaking No! India does not to be fear from China, these are some fact which is in favor of India.

Chinese Virus (Wuhan Virus): COVID-19

Every country on earth blaming China for mishandling of Corona-virus most medical experts from the USA, UK is saying that this virus could be contained before it converted into a pandemic. The most affected from this pandemic are USA, UK, Europe, South America wants China to be accountable. So not country in the world favors China over India, this is the most important support India can get during the war-like situation if it begins with China.

Chinese People: This is what China Fear Most

China governed by an authoritarian regime, what are they offering to their citizens is wealth, standard life, instead of democracy. Think what happens when these things are no more available to their citizens than they will start speaking against the regime and this will not be good for the regime. So if India & the world start mounting economic pressure on to China and remove it from WTO (World Trade Organisation) what will happen next China fears most.

Chin Chinese Government Remain till Until Chinese people feeling wealthy 

If China's economy goes down  people start feeling insecure  Start speaking against government policy

No! China does not afford war with India

This will be the last thing China wants to happen at this point when all the world blaming China for the corona-virus pandemic. If war happened this will not be limited between India & China, the whole world will be facing consequences. These consequences could be Economical, environmental and China is well aware of it.
Whatever situation on LAC with China, it will never go for full flags war with India.

Nuclear Capability

Both nations capable of launching a nuclear attack on each other, which they never want too. So there may be a change of getting into a fistfight or small confrontation near border areas, but it never will be converted into war.

The advantage for India: In Case of limited war

If limited war broke out between these two nuclear power countries, India likely to have an advantage in Leh & Ladhak over China. In the last six years, Modi's government developed road, bridge, tunnels so that they can deploy their troops at LAC in short notice. This is what China does not want to be continued near the disputed area.

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