BSVI & BSIV : Bharat Stage VI Norms

What is BSIV (Bharat Stage ) & BSVI Norms?


BS-IV (Euro IV) and BS-VI (Euro VI) norms, standards are set of instruction set by specific institutions name 'Central Pollution Control Board'. These set of standards put in place for the Automobile industry to limit Air pollution coming out from vehicles.
'' Every year in India more than 8-9lakh people had died due to disease caused by air pollution'' 
This is not only where air pollution impacts, an increase in air pollution causes more acid rain which is also very harm full for agriculture activity.
These are the exact reason why CPCB came with strict rules and regulations to curb air pollution released by automobiles.

'' BSI,BSII,BSIII,BSIV,BSVI norms defined for vehicle engine and for its  fuel''

Air Pollution

Air is mixture of mainly Nitrogen(78%), Oxygen (21%),Carbon dioxide(0.04%),Argon (0.94%) , Carbon Monoxide with each holding a balanced percentage of it . If the percentage of any constituents get change or any foreign constituents added could result in Air pollution.
Air pollution means air which may cause risk for humans, animals, or even plants.

Air pollution by Automobiles(photo by reaction. life) 

BSIV (Euro IV) Bharat Stage IV

Bharat Stage IV norms based on Euro IV standards is a set of rule which need to be followed by Automobile manufacturers before rolling out new products into the market. BSIV restrict specific pollutants which are going out into the air and harmful for human, animals, plants. 
In April 2017 all vehicle engines in India have to be BSIV compliance which restricted values of pollutants in emission like Co, HC, Nox, Particulate Matter (PM) concerning a different type of engines

Why BSVI or  Is BSVI better than BSIV?

As the world population grows so does the demand for convenience,fast transport rises. This leads to drastically increase in the number of vehicles (Car, Bus, Trucks, Bikes) on road each year, it has very well impacted the rate of death caused by air pollution worldwide.
Countries like India, which is known for its air pollution (City like Delhi, Mumbai ) need to take harsh and tough countermeasures to control the rate of air pollution.

Bharat Stage VI standard holds a reference to Euro VI, BSVI come with very restricted rules which each automobile manufacturers need to follow or implement in their vehicle before it comes to market.
These restrictions put to control specific pollutants like NOx, PM, Sulfur going out into the air.
BSVI came on effect from April 2020, manufacture not allowed to roll any further BSIV vehicle from this date.

Emission measured in gram per km (g/km)
ND- Not defined

Diesel Vehicle   
Petrol VehicleBSIVBSVI
Nox (Nitrogen Oxide)



NOx (Nitrogen Oxide)



Particulate Matter (PM10,PM11)


0.005PM10,PM11(Particulate Matter)



Carbon Dioxide (Co2)


0.05Co2 (Carbon Dioxide) 1.0

Hydrocarbon+NOx 0.30


HC+NOx (Hydrocarbon + Nitrogen oxide) ND

Fuel (Diesel )BSIVBSVIFuel (Petrol)BSIV BSVI
Sulphur (S) in PPM


10 Sulphur (S) in PPM



 Lead (Pb) in PPM



 Lead (Pb) in PPM



To control or reduce Particulate Matter (PM), Nitrogen Oxide (Nox), Sulphur from emission.
To reduce or eliminate pollutants from the vehicle exhaust gas, manufacturers came with the following upgrade into a vehicle
  1. Exhaust System or After Treatment
  2. Controller 
  3. Sensors 

Exhaust System or After Treatment System 

Vehicle exhaust system upgraded with Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, Diesel Particulate Filter, Selective Catalytic Converter, and a wideband oxygen sensor.


Diesel Particulate Filter is second to DOC, it traps or removes particulate or soot that DOC could not oxide.

Oxygen Sensor 

The oxygen sensor is a feedback device used to tell the percentage or amount of oxygen present in exhaust gases coming from the engine. This sensor play important role in emission control because it tells ECU about the condition of the mixture entering inside cylinder lean, Rich, or stoichiometry.


A major portion of changes also done with Engine Control Management or Engine Controller, the addition of new sensor need to rewrite the program and redefine combustion parameters of ECU.You have never seen ECU in a two-wheel but now you will see. 


With these, all changes BSVI almost have a higher initial price of about 10 to 20% if compared with BSIV.
Because components like Electronic Fuel Injection
, Emission Control, Fuel Evaporation control did not come without cost. For all these things, automobile manufacture also invested in its Supply chain, assembly lines, and Research & Development.

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