Armored Vehicle: Mahindra ALSV (Armored Light Specialist Vehicle)

The Mahindra Armored Light Specialist Vehicle (ALSV): Meanest Armored Troop Carries Ever Built 

Mahindra & Mahindra ALSV 4x4

The Mahindra and Mahindra is a renowned commercial, passenger vehicle manufacturer that offers SUVs, MPVs even the smallest hatch bag KUV100 also building Armored troops carriers for defense forces.
To defend the border and internal security of the country from terrorists, defence forces need to transfer to the border fast and safe. 
Transferring troops to the border need a versatile vehicle. And this vehicle has to be bulletproof,fast, powerful, and easily maintainable.
Having all this in mind, Mahinda Defence System Limited ( previously called DLSI) design and develop the meanest vehicle for defence forces.
This is called '' Armored Light Specialist Vehicle'' (ALSV or LSV), which can travel to any terrain with the help of a 4x4 all-wheel-drive system.

🙶What does defence procurement team looking in an Armored carrier? These are the parameter which needs to be looked before procurement of any troop carrier (4P2M1S) 🙷

  1. Power
  2. Payload & Armaments 
  3. Protection
  4. Price Tag
  5. Mobility
  6. Maintenance & Serviceability 
  7. Scope for Future Upgrades

Mahindra ALSV: Power Muscle 

This beast is powered by the STEYR 3.2L Turbo-Charge Diesel engine, which creates 215HP@3800RPM and max torque of 588Nm@3300RPM. This much power and torque excel vehicle to a maximum speed of 120Kmph, with an acceleration of 0-60kmph in 12second. It can reach up to terrain or road with a grad-ability of 30-degree. With 6-cylinder, Direct injection and double water-cooled STEYR engine will guarantee to pass tough terrain.

Mahindra ALSV Look Muscular 

Mahindra ALSV: Payload & Armaments

ALSV has a payload capacity of 1000kgs with extra fuel bags at ends. ALSV has ample storage space for arms and ammunition inside the crew compartment and an additional 400kgs cargo load-carrying capacity.
ALSV has been equipped with clamshell doors and features a gun hatch at the top which can be further rotated up to 240° for machine guns and grenade launchers or bazooka.

Gun Mounting Point
Mahindra ALSV Gun/ATGM Mounting Points 

Mahindra ALSV: Protection Guarantee

What is the most important thing for which Armored vehicles made for?

Mahindra ALSV protected Rear,Front, Side by Armorer plates

That is the protection of troops traveling & seating inside it. This ALSV tested and withstand 7.62 x 51mm bullets and HE36 hand grenade blasts. Mahindra ALSV provides protection mobility for the front, rear side with STANAG Level I Ballistics and Blast proof. And with scope for future upgrade, it can also be upgraded to STANAG Level II.

Mahindra ALSV: Price Tag

Mahindra has not disclosed price but with all these features it cost approximately 50lakh. This is also available with customization in space, equipment, armaments, and payload.

Mahindra ALSV: Faster Mobility

What, if you can not reach there where you want to reach on time. Than this nothing but a life-death situation, so mobility is very important for a vehicle like this.

Mahindra ALSV : Look Under Belly 

Mahindra ALSV equips with 4-speed Automatic lightweight Gear Box (Transmission). The automatic gearbox is different from Conventional one, which does not require input during accelerating and decelerating. Means, drivers can drive fast and maneuver comfortably while focusing on the road. With the smooth transfer of mechanical power from the engine to gearbox, finally to the wheel ALSV accelerates 0-60kmph within 12 sec with a max speed of 120 Kmph.
ALSV equipped with CTIS (Central Tyre Inflation & Deflation System) which maintains proper pressure inside Tyre to achieve traction on slippery roads or even in the case of a puncher. ALSV comes with run-flat tires and these Tyre can carry vehicle to 50Km without air inside it. 
One more important element of mobility and comfort is an all-wheel independent suspension system from Bilstein and features a self-recovery winch.

Mahindra ALSV: Maintenance & Serviceability 

Defence trials & testing team evaluate maintainability, serviceability of vehicles during a trial period with predefined parameters. Mahindra assured its customer to get any things anywhere at any time. With all standard parts and equipment, customers do not need to worry much but need to follow the guidelines of Mahindra during any part change or service.

Mahindra ALSV: Made for Future

ALSV was born after more than 18-months of tough trials and testing under predefined parameters set by VRDE and Defence testing teams. Day by Day defence & military forces are facing different and real challenges at border, with this consideration Mahindra built this vehicle so that it can be upgraded as per specific requirements. Mahindra design & development team work closely with defence team to find a common area of improvement. 

Mahindra ALSV : Comes with some Cool  Features

Air filtration systems maintain a proper supply of oxygen to crew members in a dusty climate. 

Mahindra ALSV Air Filtration Duct

Exhaust Scavenging system reduces back pressure on the Exhaust valve side which creates extra space for charge mixture to enter inside a cylinder. With this system, the Engine maintains efficiency, power output at the maximum level. 

Mahindra ALSV Control Panels

CTIS  to achieve maximum & minimum traction in between tire and road it inflates or deflates the tire. In a case on puncher, it can easily fill the air inside that tire depending upon how much puncher is. 


The Mahindra has made ASLV for patrolling in high-intensity areas, it can launch a raid in open or desert terrain or even hilly areas. ALSV can be used in special forces operations or as a quick reaction support team. It can also be used as an ambulance in high infiltrated areas with is 6/8 seat variant.

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