Arjun Vs T-90 Bhishma Tank: India's Main Battle Tank

Can DRDO made MBT Arjun replace Russian T-90 Bhishma?

During Iraq and Iran war battle tanks had proved them-self as a war machine on the ground. Tank division is a powerful supporter of infantry mechanized division forces, ground troops and can badly crush enemy defense.
Indian mechanized Infantry force combined with a different type of Armour personnel carrier, BMPs, MPVs along the Main battle tank.
Infantry mechanized forces can use tanks in offensive & defensive operations. In India, most Tanks, BMP, FICVs (Future Inventory Combat Vehicle) are deployed near Pakistan borders ( Rajasthan, Gujarat where desert post a major challenge to operate vehicle these tanks play a vital role for supporting ground troops).

Most of the weapon systems and platforms the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy are using coming from its ally Russia (formally called the Soviet Union).
India's ground or mechanized forces are using T-72, T-90 main battle tanks which were initially imported from Russia and after right now manufactured in India under licenses. These tanks are equipped with Thales, Elbit, Kontakt Thermal sight, radars, K-5 armaments respectively.
No doubt Russia is a trust-able ally but, if India wants to be a global powerhouse in the next ten or twenty years it must design & develop its own defense industry.

Arjun Vs T-90 Bhishma

ARJUN MK-II or Upgraded version of ARJUN MK-1

The ''ARJUN'' name comes from Mahabharata character know for its 'Dhanurvidhya' meaning archer, which can defeat any enemy in the battleground.
The Arjun is a third-generation, state of the art, highly mobile, superior firepower, highly protected main battle tank. This is a design & developed for the Indian Army by Defense Research & Development Organisation (DRDO) in collaboration of CVRDE ( Combat Vehicle Research Development Establishment ) DMRL ( Defense Metallurgical Research Laboratory).
Arjun fitted with a 120mm caliber rifled gun and capable of defending against an anti-tank guided missile fired from enemy weapons. Its onboard computer-controlled fire system, electromagnetic minesweeper, IR jammier, day cum night thermal vision camera make it killing machine.
Powered & drive through MTU engine & Renk 6-speed gearbox make it very agile over its adversaries.

True Power Of : Arjun Vs T-90 Bhishma Tanks

Arjun & T-90 Bhishma gets their power from multi-fuel, water-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine. These engines are capable of delivering their best performance with a minimum breakdown in conditions like Leh -Ladhak or Rajasthan deserts. If you compare T-90 Bhishma & Arjun engines you will find that Arjun has a higher capacity engine due to its heavyweight it needs to maintain desirable speed & acceleration on the ground the same as T-90.

Value for Money : Arjun & T-90 Bhishma Tank

Indian army & Ministery of defense working very closely, to find out best-suited products based on current & future requirements. Each year government allocates a specific amount of funds to each force (Thal, Jal, Vayu ). Arjun & T-90 Bhishma tanks look as identical, but Arjun is costlier than Bhishma due to its higher mobility, protection unit. T-90 equipped with an automatic loader by which it needless crew members for its operation.

ArjunT-90 Bhishma
Cost Per UnitINR 56 Crore ( USD 8 Million)INR 33 Crore ( USD 4.7 Million)
Length9.62 meter10.6 meter
Width3.72 meter3.95 meter
Height2.02 meter2.25 meter
Weight66 Ton48 Ton
Crew Member43

Mobility : Arjun Vs  T-90 Bhishma

Mobility is very much important after firing, this helps to change location so that tanks can avoid detection from the enemy radar. With weight about 68 tons Arjun is much faster compare to T-90 Bhishma. But due to this higher weight, the range of Arjun less than the T-90 Bhishma.
With Hydro-Air suspension system Arjun is stable, comfortable, compare to T-90 Bhishma traditional torsion-bar system

ArjunT-90 Bhishma
SuspensionHydro-Pneumatic Torsionbar
Weight66 Ton48 Ton

Armaments : Arjun Vs T-90 Bhishma

Why does the enemy fear of Arjun? There is a lot of reason but most dangerous its firepower. Arjun equips with Laser-guided anti-tank missile, APFSDS, Heavy machine gun which can fire up to as many rounds as it requires. Its main turret gun can fire 120mm guided ammunition to a distance of 6km and destroy enemy tanks, bunkers.

Arm & Ammunition
ArjunT-90 Bhishma
120mm rifled Main Gun125mm smoothbore main Gun
12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun
7.2mm Coaxial Machine GunPMT 7.2mm Coaxial Machine Gun
APFSDS, HEAT, HESH, AmmunationAPFSDS, HEAT, HESH, Ammunation
LAHAT missile9M119M Refleks Anti Tank Missile
NOAutomatic Loader

Protection IN-OUT: Arjun Vs T-90 Bhishma Tank

When these tanks roll out from their tent and entered into the battlefield, their survivability depends upon how to protect itself from enemy missiles & shells.
Other than Kanchan Armour and Aerosol Granade discharge, T-90 Bhishma & Arjun stand side by side.
''Kanchan'' armor plates developed by DMRL-Hyderabad, can take a direct shot of APFSDS from T-72 directly without any serious damage to its crew members.
Protection Against
ArjunT-90 Bhishma
Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding
Armour Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding
High Explosive Anti-Tank MissileHigh Explosive Anti-Tank missile
High-explosive squash headHigh-explosive squash head
Nuclear, Biological, ChemicalNuclear, Biological, Chemical
Electromagnetic Jammer, IR JammerElectromagnetic Jammer, IR Jammer
Automatic Fire Control SystemAutomatic Fire Control System
Mine detection & detonation systemMine detection & detonation system
Aerosol Grenade discharge systemNO
Kanchan ArmourSteel Composite
Smoke dischargeSmoke discharge

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